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Roya D. Habich, immigration attorney in Phoenix, AZ

About Roya D. Habich

Discover what inspired Roya Habich to become an immigration attorney in Phoenix, AZ.

Although born in Memphis, Tennessee, Roya’s parents are from the Middle East. Roya has traveled the world learning about other cultures, languages, peoples, and food. She has taught English in China and studied in Turkey and Spain. She has also engaged in many community service projects in several countries in Central America and Eastern Europe.

Roya has experience with cultures from all across the globe. This experience and past exposure allows her to understand many social issues. As an immigration attorney, she has a passion for justice and service to others.

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Roya graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2006. She earned Bachelor’s degrees in both History and Spanish—in the Honors program. In 2009, she earned her Juris Doctorate from the University of Wisconsin Law School. While in law school, Roya was a member of the Wisconsin International Law Journal. She authored a published article.

Roya Habich, Immigration Attorney and founder of Habich Law, has a journey rooted in family values, personal experiences, and a passion for helping others. Born to immigrant parents, Roya grew up in a household emphasizing family, education, and strong moral principles. Her parents’ own immigration challenges and their constant support to fellow immigrants inspired Roya’s deep appreciation for the immigrant experience.

Roya’s path to immigration law was natural, influenced by her background and international experiences in Eastern Europe, Latin America, and China. In 2012, she founded Habich Law in Phoenix, Arizona, with a mission to help immigrants thrive in the United States.

With over 1,000 clients successfully represented, Roya continues to assist individuals worldwide, driven by her unique blend of personal history and professional expertise.

Immigration Attorney, Phoenix, AZ

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In her free time, Roya is involved in local programs, which seek to empower young teenagers. She hopes to help them focus their youthful energy on initiating and leading projects to improve their own communities.

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